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Purchase a Killbucket Custom Airsoft Gun - Please allow 4 weeks for YOUR custom BUILT Airsoft Creation to SHIP.
Base Mechanicals

m2hb browning gun on a tripod

All include a box-based ammo drive, 2500+ capacity

M1919 Includes TRIPOD (tripod not shown)

M2HB Includes Mk93 & TRIPOD (tripod not shown)

M14 Clone $450
M249 Clone





Shipping included, Continental USA ONLY Except NY.

The Costco Bladerunner 3 channel remote controlled helicopter image gallery continues

 Interceptor Helicopter/Radio Shack Bladerunner, and many other names as a clone packaged helicopter

Interceptor Helicopter is available in spare parts.




the Interceptor helicopter is ruggedly constructed, and has many parts that are unbreakable.

However, the lower rotor mount is a bit fragile, and many fixes for them have been devised.




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